Dear Future Generations: Sorry


The Feeling


My heart flew
In the moment of dew
High me up with no clue
I ended up being untrue

No more, please
No one even said, I wanted this
Take me back to when I’m at ease
Far from sorrow at the least

Everytime I see that sight
I feel somewhat light
Later on, it turns to fright
Clearly I am losing the fight

The obvious, I will deny
The truth, I will cover with a lie
To stop the beatings, I will try
In the end, I swear not to cry

I’ll walk alone as planned
Leave everything and run
Hope for affection, I have banned
Bury these feelings till I’m done



You saw me

You, who always disagree

You understands, only, by what you see

You think of things the way you want them to be


You have put me on blue

A feeling that I always knew

And by the words you threw

Roots of hatred grew


You have brought me in danger

Then filled me with anger

┬áBut then, I’ve stop the bother

And now, I have prepared a dagger


I’ll show you the world you have enter

Is a life where you will suffer

I’d love to see you falter

I’d love to hear you shatter


Do wait for me to rise

And for my future to be revise

I’ll show you a sweet demise

Sincerely, the one you despise